Breaking the Mothering Trap:: Encouraging Independence in Our Children

It was last month that I realised I had blindly, and inadvertently, fallen into the mothering trap. My three-year-old son had not long returned to preschool from the Christmas break, and that transition back into a more…..

Pedal Power:: Liberation on an Exercise Bike

A funny thing happened when I first climbed onto my new exercise bike and began to peddle. I almost cried.

Now, this wasn’t because I am woefully unfit as one might suspect, having done no ‘real’ exercise in the past three or so years. Like many ….

“Oh my god, it’s huge.”

From behind the glass of our patio door, my husband shone a thin laser of light outside into the darkness with a flashlight. “I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight knowing not…..

July, 2020. Five months into a pandemic that would change life irrevocably and in the second quarter of a blisteringly hot Texan summer that had seen the mercury creep past 100°F the previous week……

2 Years Without Family:: Expat Life in a Pandemic

Of course, no one could have foreseen that as we, an expat family, set off on our Houston adventure two years ago, we would have not returned to Scotland since. Or not know when we next will….

We are excellent parents,” my husband boldly stated one day, when our morning had not gone to plan.

I stopped grumbling and shot him an incredulous look…..

Celebrate the Games at Houston’s Top Japanese Restaurants

There is one word on discerning palates. And that is Uchi. A collective hit with Houston Moms, and well, everyone, this Austin import has garnered a legion of faithful patrons who ….

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